Packrafting the Shoalhaven River

Rik, Paul and I spent 4 days packrafting from downstream of the big scary stuff on the Shoalhaven, to Bungonia Gorge – the river was at about 0.8m-0.75m, which is below the minimum for kayaks…but with packrafts you do seem to be able to paddle on much lower levels and still have fun.

Big landscape, little boats and humans - Block-up Gorge

Big landscape, little boats and humans – Block-up Gorge

The best rapids were had on the first afternoon after walking into our start point – this probably had something to do with the river being at it’s highest then, as it continued to fall over the ensuing 4 days.

The first rapid we hit on the Shoalhaven - all of us passed through and enjoyed it immensely!

The first rapid we hit on the Shoalhaven – all of us passed through and enjoyed it immensely!

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Kimberley Wanderings – Bushwalking in the Top End

I was very lucky to have another month long sojourn to the Kimberley region of Australia this winter over July, for a 26 day bushwalk. Myself, Paul, Carol and Phill had a south to north route following predominantly major river systems – the Moran, Prince Regent and Mitchell Rivers, culminating with our arrival at Mitchell Falls, a highly visited tourist hot spot in the top end.

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Shoalhaven – Wineglass Tor Bushwalk

Dan and I headed out to Morton National Park for a weekend walk into the Shoalhaven river, via Wineglass Tor. Given the considerable rain events that have been occurring over the past week (and over the past months in general), the river levels were well up – it had us both dreaming we owned pack rafts so we could float downstream to the heads at Nowra!

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Wolgan Valley Canyoning

Party: Dave N, Rob, Dan, Kate, Stew, James and I

Canyons: Firefly and Newnes (Starlight) Canyons

After the recent bout of big rain events around NSW/ACT and it having been a pretty wet summer in general, we decided with a good forecast for the Canberra Day long weekend to head north and celebrate the Great Nations Capital by doing a couple of canyons.

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Mountain biking – Mount Buller

James’ mate Tim, Organiser Extraordinaire, lined up ourselves, Matt, Marti, Dave, my mate Adam and Matt’s mate Dan for a long weekend’s adventure on the fun and techy trails being built up around Mount Buller. We were particularly taken with Klingsporn and Stonefly, but all of the tracks (see map here) were worth the effort for at least one lap!

Tim and Marti descending Stonefly, Mount Buller

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